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Hi, I'm Adeel Rajah...

If you’ve ever wondered:

How can I get clients using the internet?

or “How can I have a fail-proof online presence?

Then, I am here to tell you all that – step by step!

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What My Clients Say...

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It's simple but not easy...

Most people think that generating leads online is as simple as clicking the “Boost Post” button on Facebook.

If only it were that simple…

As a business owner, you want more success but success loves speed. Time is what most business owners struggle to save.

Did you know that you can automate most of your business tasks via your website?


Picture this… 

It’s 3 AM in the morning. You are enjoying a rainy day and lying on your couch without worrying about running Facebook Ads to get some sales. Because people are buying from your website on AUTOPILOT. They are searching on Google, Google is showing them your website.

As a result, people are buying from you or scheduling an appointment with you via your website.


4 Intelligent Ways to Use a Website

1. Sell during Lockdown:

More than 50% of local businesses do not have a website. 

That may include you or the clothing store in your neighborhood. That means, during this lockdown period, more than 50% small businesses are not making a single sale. 

This loss can be minimized by getting an online store which costs 100x less than the sales that you’re losing because of COVID-19. I set up an Online N95 Masks Store within a few hours and helped the business owner to generate sales even during lockdown.

2. Get 100x More Customers

This is a modern world, people are smart and so are their smartphones. 

If someone says “Dentist Near Me” to Siri or Google Assistant, these AI apps are smart enough to show only the nearest and best dentists. 

Hence, the searcher will take a look at some of the listings and will end up being a customer. However, If some dentist does not have a website, the searcher won’t be able to see him even though the dentist is so experienced but since he or she is not visible to a searcher on Google, he does not exist on the internet. So he or she will miss many leads. 

Remember, Your sustainability and growth depends upon your ability to bring new customers. You can run  branded email campaigns only if you have a website or a landing page set up properly.

3. Become a trusted brand:

What most businesses do is they create  Instagram and Facebook pages and start sharing information about their services. 

That results in no profits. Why? 

Because of some design and technical limitations of the platform. They cannot convert those few people into customers because people do not search for their problems on Instagram or Facebook, they do it on Google but Google shows websites and only those websites that provide a solution to the problems of the Google Searchers.

Tell me Have you ever searched for a solution to your problem on Instagram or any other social media?

You got that, Right? 

Now, what a website does is it builds trust in the eyes of people and Google. As a result, more people share your helpful blog posts on social media and so, more people visit your website and end up buying from you or hiring you.

4. Stay Connected with Future Customers:

There are thousands of people searching everyday for your services on Google and Bing. 

They need you but they cannot find you because you are not there. 

They need information about your offerings but they cannot decide if you are a right fit for them or not. The only reason is you are not representing your business online by putting out all the information about your company and services. 

You are missing out on a lot of potential leads. Your website will also be a brochure having all the latest information about you, your services and your company.

Here's my 3 Step Online Growth Process

1. Do SEO optimization of your site

You do not need just a website but it should be Search Engine Optimized(SEO) as well so that it shows up on the first page of Google when people search for terms related to you or your business. As a result, Your website will be viewed by hundreds of people every single day. Most of them will contact you because they’d think that you are the solution to their problem.

2. Let the AI bot on your Website be your Salesperson

As soon as someone visits your website, a robot will greet and talk to them. It will also help them book an appointment with you. Please try out the bot right now by clicking the “Chat” icon on the bottom right corner of this page.

3. Publish Premium "Targeted Content" Regularly

Remember one thing… if you get a website and it starts showing up on Google’s first page, the difficult part is to maintain it’s position. How could you do that? By publishing relevant, helpful and premium high-quality blog posts. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone after setting up the site. If you’d like, we’ll do keyword research and produce exciting and helpful PREMIUM CONTENT for your site on a regular basis.

Industries I work with...

Coaches & Consultants

I create online marketing plans for life coaches, trainers and consultants.


I help artists in launching EPs and Albums on all digital stores and marketing them on major social media channels.

Travel and Tourism

I help tourists create awesome shareable content that attracts shares & likes on autopilot.

Television & Media

I help media agencies with jaw-dropping video animations and conversion-optimized scripts.

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