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Greetings, I'm Adeel.

I help you gain leads online via SEO & FB Ads.

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By providing life coaches with exemplary websites & lead generation tools, I want life coaching to be available to as many people as possible.

Adeel Rajah

Make your website as impressive as the coaching you provide!

It’s just a few months since I turned 24, so I still don’t think I’m very grown up yet. My bachelor’s degree is in software engineering. My experience with computers goes back a long way, and I love doing it.

During ninth grade I participated in a competition at my college regarding Web development. The youngest kid in the competition was me. In this competition, I was up against 12th grade students. I was much to everyone’s surprise when I showed up. With the limited amount of time available, I developed the website to the best of my ability. The competition, however, did not go my way.

The time is now yours. You have an obligation to coach people. Act rather than just speak to make a difference. Bring in a website that shows your ideal client exactly what you can do for them and get leads via ads.

It was a very heartbreaking day for me.

This was the day when I decided that I would polish my abilities and skills so the world could recognize me in the field of web. Therefore, I got admission to the best university in my country’s biggest city after getting to know about Software Engineering.

Years passed and I am now a Software Engineer. As a result, I am an expert in the world of the Internet. My goal during these years was to learn everything I could about web technologies. I used to watch tutorial videos on the Internet after my classes ended in the library of my university. In my living room, I did not have internet access. The library had the fastest internet speeds.

In the beginning, I had no idea what I wanted to do online.

After working with a few life coaches, I realized that this was a niche I could be of help in. Since then, I’ve worked with many different life coaches. I’ve built their websites. As well as editing webinars, I have made explainer videos and VSLs. Additionally, I have run social media advertisements for them.

The graphics and copy for the ads I wrote, and marketing campaigns I managed were all done by me. It became apparent that I should keep going. Anything else wouldn’t suffice.

Coaches have helped me reach my goals.

I Have Happy Clients

The clients I serve are coaches who have ambitious goals and a determination to succeed.

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Here are the 3 steps to grow online...


A website is like an office you own online. Anybody can visit it to meet you, know about your services, at any time, around the globe.


After having a website, a well-planned marketing campaign generates a steady stream of clients.


When you publish valuable content on your website, people benefit from it. At the end of the day, they become your fan and keep coming to you.

Let me sum up...

A solid online strategy is your best bet for growing your business.

My friend, you don’t need to be a tech ninja or an expert in marketing to succeed as an entrepreneur online. Whenever you need help, I am here. Let me take care of everything you need when building your website. Let’s form a website strategy together that’s based on the needs of your ideal client.

Our plan will focus on understanding your target audiences’ thoughts, so your message gets across effectively. Coaches like you are exhilarating to work with since they have drive and ambition. It’s all about your business. Help and serve is what drives you.

I would be happy to help with the website and digital strategy. I enjoy that part very much.
You will provide your clients with a higher level of value if you have a deeper appreciation of yourself.
Websites help my clients recognize their value, that’s what’s amazing about the process.

Websites don’t make them more valuable inherently. But the steps involved in the construction of their website makes them rethink their why. By thinking about the needs and problems of their ideal client, they become more passionate about the kind of work they do.

By doing this, I help my coach clients see and understand their value. By doing so, they can offer their ideal clients even more.

To me, that’s what I love most about my work. I realized how similar it is to my own transformation.
Therefore, if this describes you, and you want to start fresh with your business, please click the button below to contact me so I can get to know you better. As a result, you’ll be more confident about your ability to serve your ideal clients.

When I’m able to help, I’ll get back to you.


4 Intelligent Ways to Use a Website

1. Sell during Lockdown:

More than 50% of local businesses do not have a website. 

That may include you or the clothing store in your neighborhood. That means, during this lockdown period, more than 50% small businesses are not making a single sale. 

This loss can be minimized by getting an online store which costs 100x less than the sales that you’re losing because of COVID-19. I set up an Online N95 Masks Store within a few hours and helped the business owner to generate sales even during lockdown.

2. Get 100x More Customers

This is a modern world, people are smart and so are their smartphones. 

If someone says “Dentist Near Me” to Siri or Google Assistant, these AI apps are smart enough to show only the nearest and best dentists. 

Hence, the searcher will take a look at some of the listings and will end up being a customer. However, If some dentist does not have a website, the searcher won’t be able to see him even though the dentist is so experienced but since he or she is not visible to a searcher on Google, he does not exist on the internet. So he or she will miss many leads. 

Remember, Your sustainability and growth depends upon your ability to bring new customers. You can run  branded email campaigns only if you have a website or a landing page set up properly.

3. Become a trusted brand:

What most businesses do is they create  Instagram and Facebook pages and start sharing information about their services. 

That results in no profits. Why? 

Because of some design and technical limitations of the platform. They cannot convert those few people into customers because people do not search for their problems on Instagram or Facebook, they do it on Google but Google shows websites and only those websites that provide a solution to the problems of the Google Searchers.

Tell me Have you ever searched for a solution to your problem on Instagram or any other social media?

You got that, Right? 

Now, what a website does is it builds trust in the eyes of people and Google. As a result, more people share your helpful blog posts on social media and so, more people visit your website and end up buying from you or hiring you.

4. Stay Connected with Future Customers:

There are thousands of people searching everyday for your services on Google and Bing. 

They need you but they cannot find you because you are not there. 

They need information about your offerings but they cannot decide if you are a right fit for them or not. The only reason is you are not representing your business online by putting out all the information about your company and services. 

You are missing out on a lot of potential leads. Your website will also be a brochure having all the latest information about you, your services and your company.

To learn how to grow your coaching business online, schedule a Free Strategy Call with me.